Do you really understand reflective tapes?

  • 2022-09-05
What are reflective tapes? Now many people know the role of reflective tapes. Reflective tapes are a very common safety warning material in people's lives. The glass beads on the reflective tapes can reflect the surrounding light at night, so that the light can return as much as possible according to the original road, so as to give a certain warning to passers-by and drivers. effect. After years of continuous exploration and development, Anhui Yishi Reflective has more and more types of reflective strips. According to different materials, it can be divided into: reflective webbing, reflective fabric, reflective piping, reflective tapes, etc., which are widely used for reflective Vests, reflective overalls, labor protection clothing, raincoats, etc., as well as products closely related to people's lives.

The reflective vest made of reflective fabrics can reflect the direct light from a distance back to the place where it shines. Especially at night, it can exert the same visibility as during the day. It is easy to be spotted by someone driving a vehicle in the dark light of night. So in the face of so many reflective products on the market, how should consumers choose?

The first thing to do is to ensure the quality of the reflective material. The brightness of the reflective strips that meet the standard needs to be above 330 and washed more than 25 times. The higher the brightness, the more obvious the warning effect in the dim environment. Therefore, the reflective material should be selected with certain quality assurance and produced by regular manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of the reflective material and the safety during use.

Secondly, the best choice for reflective materials is to choose a manufacturer with a certain reputation. The so-called reputable manufacturer has the guarantee of quality and service in the simplest terms. Therefore, if you are not sure or do not understand the reflective material. , it is best to choose a reputable manufacturer, so as to ensure your own consumer interests.

Anhui Yishi Reflective Material Co., Ltd. is a product manufacturer focusing on the safety protection of reflective materials, and is committed to providing global consumers with professional quality, stable quality and fashionable safety protection products.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.