• Options on Traffic Barricades
    • 2023-03-27

    There are many options when buying traffic barricades, such as the reflective tape, size of the barricade, what it’s made out of, and the number of panels.  Reflective tape can be either Engineer Grade, Diamond Grade, or Hi Intensity.  The size of the barricade will depend on whether you want a type 1, type 2, or type 3 barricade. The type 3 barricade is usually around 8 feet wide, the t...

  • Watch out for traffic: Just less than half of the Finnish use a reflector
    • 2023-03-20

    If, according to a survey, less than half of the Finnish use a reflective vest at night as it passes. Traffic to avoid many accidents and near-misses, if the use of reflectors would be more common in Finland. – The driver is detected using pedestrian reflector much longer than without the reflector moving. Low beam lights while driving detection improves a dark road 25-40 meters to 130-140 meters....

  • No car should be driven without mandatory equipment
    • 2023-03-13

    Every car must have mandatory safety equipment. If a thing is missing or invalid, the driver is liable to a fine of up to two thousand crowns. On the other hand, compulsory gear is not self-serving; it can help motorists in an accident or injury. In addition, which is the most important thing? For each driver it is different. “Warning triangle, first aid kit, surely a vest. Probably a light bulb a...

  • “Tenderhearted on the road also” encourages priest for summer holidays
    • 2023-03-06

    With the start of the summer holidays in Europe, the number of accidents is triggered. Over the past year nearly two thousand people died in accident in Spain, four were pedestrians without safety vest. Aware of the serious problem of road safety is in society, the Spanish Episcopal Conference has a service of Ministry of Road not only to raise awareness of the danger, but also to bring the Word o...

  • A guardian angel in safety vest saved lives and the EM
    • 2023-02-27

    Salim Toorabally in safety vest says that he had only done his job. Had he not done so, probably many people would have died and been canceled the EM. The folder was in November the hero of Paris. The service, which changed his life, began to Salim Toorabally at 16 o’clock. Around noon there was on that November 13, 2015 a bomb threat against the hotel of the German national team in Paris, Tooraba...

  • Stay visible with reflective stripe
    • 2023-02-20

    It is a dark winter day in central Bergen. The time has not yet become eight, and a rush of cars and buses whizzing by venerable Bergen Handel gymnasium in Kalfarveien. On both sides of the street are people on their way to work and school. A pupil who shall number the first lesson runs across the street without worrying about cars driving past. Get user reflective tape, but still crossing the str...

  • For bribing a witness in the case were run over cop threatens men four years
    • 2023-02-13

    Police suggested indicting either man whom they accused of influencing a witness in the case novo driver Josef Novak. He got 16.5 years in prison for killing a policewoman in Koestler and Labem on Maluku. The man offered 30,000 crowns the witness if he in court to argue that a police officer does not wear a reflective safety vest. Novak accused defended himself by policewoman was not seen as not w...

  • The tested reflective bag for children
    • 2023-02-06

    The AK has tested ten school bags with reflective tape – as a decision aid for the Easter bunny, which often brings the hotly awaited first schoolbag for the upcoming days. Together with a physiotherapist of the Kipper University Clinic and two schoolchildren, the consumer protectors tested ten standard commercial models. Winners are the Ergo bag cubes and the Schneider tool bag soft. Both favorit...

  • Children in reflective vest join the police station activity
    • 2023-01-28

    On Thursday (24.08) on the premises of the Pavia Police Headquarters in Katowice, the “Open Command Day” was organized, in which about 70 children took part in a half-camp, everyone of them received a reflective vest, organized by the Social Integration Association Victoria in Katowice. The aim of this project was, as in previous years, to familiarize children with the specificity of the work of t...

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