• Keep your safety with safety vest when meet Vehicle failure
    • 2022-09-26

    First and foremost, we must take care of our safety. First, when the vehicle is immobilized, we should turn on emergency lights. The next step should be to put on a reflective vest – every driver, even if he does not have a legal obligation in Poland, should have it in his car. Ideally, if the car had a vest for all passengers, remember to keep the vests in your cabin rather than in the hard-to-re...

  • Four young Africans with reflective vest offer social work
    • 2022-09-19

    The City in collaboration with the coop. Black Elk of Mantua, has prepared a project to give the possibility to four refugees from Africa, three from Mali and one of Ghana, to perform community service. The four young Africans with reflective vest since this morning will be devoted to works of cleaning and maintenance of the green in the cemetery of Villa. Yesterday morning, in the Council Chamber...

  • Traffic will find pedestrians who walk on the road without the reflective vest
    • 2022-09-13

    Pedestrians, without the reflective vest on interurban roads, the next traffic target. Traffic does not want carelessness on the road. According to what has been known, he wants to end the problems caused by pedestrians traveling on roads. There is already the obligation to wear reflective clothing when we move to invade the asphalt of the road. However, although until now they have turned a blind...

  • Safety vests in Europe: holiday countries in the overview
    • 2022-09-05

    In Germany, motorists are required from July to have at least one safety vest in the car. In other European countries, from France to Croatia, the flash cover has long been mandatory. “We generally recommend putting on safety vests for safety reasons in the event of a breakdown, no matter in which country,” ADAC lawyer Michael Nissen explains to travelers who set off on their summer vacation by ca...

  • Hikers will wear reflective clothing
    • 2022-08-29

    The rules do not specify which reflective clothing should be worn on foot. – You do not have to look like a Christmas tree or put on a special vest right now. Sufficient armrests for forearms and lower thighs, which do not take up a lot of space, adapt to the shape of the body and can easily be taken with each other – says Adam Reza, President of the Polish Association of Experts for Road Accident...

  • Police say reflective band will increase visibility
    • 2022-08-22

    Reflective band will increase your visibility. Police in the Hradec Kralove region warn cyclists and pedestrians. Not being seen is a gamble with life. Is the name of the campaign traffic police in the. By the end of every day the police will warn cyclists and pedestrians how very important it is to wear reflective elements. These, they can greatly enhance our visibility and morning way to work or...

  • Need Just A Few Traffic Cones?
    • 2022-08-15

    When I tell people about my business and what I sell, the first response is usually asking if I can sell them a few traffic cones as they want one for their apartment, dorm, a race in their backyard etc.  While I (and I am sure other traffic safety vendors) would love to be able to sell small quantities, the manufacturers don’t.  They want to sell 100’s at a time! So here are a few resou...

  • Proper selection and care of warning work clothes is a must
    • 2022-08-08

    Especially winter days are short, often cloudy, visibility is worse. Anyone working outdoors, on the streets, on roads or construction sites, needs warning clothing with reflective elements. “Ideal protective clothing is safe, comfortable and ergonomic,” says Silvia Mertens, Product Manager. A graduated textile engineer knows that only those who feel good in their bright orange or yellow clothing ...

  • World Day for Safety at Work: accident prevention
    • 2022-08-01

    Every April 28, the International Day of Safety and Health at Work is celebrated. The date, promoted by the International Labor Organization (ILO), aims to raise awareness about the importance of companies safeguarding the well-being of their employees and implementing effective safety measures. According to the 2018 Statistical Memory of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) research, an a...

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