• The most common reflective strip in life
    • 2024-03-25

    The most common reflective strip in life, do you understand its function? Reflective strips run through every corner of our city in our daily life, such as our sanitation angels, traffic police comrades, as well as night work clothes will be sewn with reflective strips, and it has even become a sign of the profession in our life. Here's a quick primer on what reflective strips actually do: -Reflec...

  • A Brief Historical Account Of Reflective Fabrics
    • 2024-03-18
    A Brief Historical Account Of Reflective Fabrics

    The United States Army suffered from frequent instances of friendly fire during World War II, particularly in nighttime urban fighting zones. Therefore, the U.S. government saw the need for a strategy that would simultaneously raise a soldier’s profile and lessen the likelihood of friendly fire. The U.S. military adopted the Switzer brothers‘ reflecting fabrics from the 1930s after one of the...

  • The “high visibility” jackets for the children
    • 2024-03-12

    To ensure maximum safety for the numerous children enrolled in the pied bus, the municipal administration has acquired 120 high visibility vests. “The vest – explains Sara, municipal councilor for education – will be distributed in the coming days: it is a useful measure in the context of a service of accompanying children to increasingly safer school. The Pied bus, thanks to the active contributi...

  • No car should be driven without mandatory equipment
    • 2024-02-19

    Every car must have mandatory safety equipment. If a thing is missing or invalid, the driver is liable to a fine of up to two thousand crowns. On the other hand, compulsory gear is not self-serving; it can help motorists in an accident or injury. In addition, which is the most important thing? For each driver it is different. “Warning triangle, first aid kit, surely a vest. Probably a light bulb a...

  • Slowly means safer!
    • 2024-01-29

    One accident with a fatal outcome is the balance of the last few days on the roads. Because of the difficult driving conditions, the police are calling for caution. “Deteriorating road conditions require more caution and increased concentration from drivers. Falling snow, slippery surface makes drivers take their feet off the gas. In these conditions, visibility is limited and the braking distance...

  • Scooter for the kids and safety vests for all
    • 2024-01-22

    How do children and adults – especially in the dark season – safely get through the traffic? For more than 20 years, the members would like to convey this to the very young. That is why every year they call on all kindergartens to participate in their traffic safety project. This time the kindergartens as well as kindergartens Mite and St. Wellhead were there. All of them have made different proje...

  • Instead of fines policemen distributes reflective tape
    • 2024-01-15

    Six out of ten deaths of pedestrians dying on the roads are at night and in poor visibility. The sad statistics logically led to supplement the Law on Road Traffic mandatory reflective tapes. Policemen and constables pedestrian control, but as the survey showed rights, yet instead of fatty fines handed out reflective tape. Penalty for lack of safety features may reach up to CZK 2,000. But punishme...

  • The parish Extreme Way of the Cross will take place in April
    • 2024-01-08

    In the parish in Myszyniec, the Records for the Parish Extreme Way of the Cross began. This initiative based on the EDK model, which takes place all over Poland. This year, parishioners and guests will have to overcome 16 km. The Parish Extreme Way of the Cross in Myszyniec has a much shorter route than the classic ones. participants will start on April 5 with the Gadomski family, towards the basi...

  • When it’s fluo
    • 2024-01-02

    Hunters hunt and the remaining fluo is a mushroom picker. Vesse-de-loup, boletes, chanterelles or chanterelles, whatever … The vesse is said. The hunter is a wolf for the man. This is demonstrated by the recent fluo that agitates a municipality anxious not to see its citizens fall to the hunting field. The mushroom picker just has to turn his vesse on the good side … and keep his yellow vest what ...

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